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We're a Christian organization sourced in the United States dedicated to providing quality parts and service to all of our customers. We stock products from a variety of manufacturers to provide you with the parts you need to make your car perform at its best. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can better serve you.


1/28/2016 - We apologize for the product section of the website being unavailable still, but we are just doing some final minor touches to this section of the website and on the order/software side as well. The products page will be re-opened as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience with us!


- Sorry about the downtime guys. If you were unable to access the website any yesterday don't fret, we were really busy making your shopping experience with us more SECURE! That's right now you can check out with no sweating involved! Your information is safe with us at SXM!


- We hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Christmas Holiday! We are closed 12/23-12/25 and will reopen Monday 12/26 for normal business! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!


- We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be closed November 23-25 for the holidays. All orders received will be filled that following Saturday/Monday. Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone!!!


- Big Update! We are sorry for the lack of updates, but we have been extremely busy! We still have a good bit of Perrin EBCS's, Sway bars, Endlinks, Crank pulleys, and more in stock! We also have a few 2015 and 2014 STI Accessports in stock looking for a home! We have some exciting news as we were approved on our 32,000 SQFT facility and will be moving into there January 2016! We will be moving all of our machinery and parts into this building and will be installing lifts, a dynojet AWD dyno, and more! We will be going in for Protuner lessons and will be tuning with protuner and similar setups for the Subaru! We will have a full staff to do everything from oil changes to custom turbo kits for your vehicles! DSM Techs, Subaru Techs, and a wide variety of people will be pulled in to make this a very diverse shop that will know what they are doing no matter if its an STI, EVO, SRT4, Mustang, etc. We offer powdercoating now! We can powdercoat wheels, parts, anything you may want. Email us for more information! We will be out at SEMA talking to our dealers face to face to setup better accounts with direct manufacturers that will allow us to store more products and ship your products faster! We are also going to manufacture quite a few parts for the STI coming up! We have our cast manifold in the works and are going to make it a full 1 piece design removing the tumblers altogether. Giving MUCH more room and a super clean manifold setup. Being cast it will be available in red, black, blue, and any color powdercoat you want! Plenty more services to come soon! Shipment of Static X Motorsports pulleys coming in next week! Wholesale accounts are still in the works, so if you need a supplier in the SE region, shoot us an email: 9/24/2015



- We still have quite a few more Perrin products in stock and even more on their way. We should have our Cobb and APS orders in very soon as well. We are opening up a public shop and facility which will have lifts, a lounge, parts room, and etc. so that you can come publicly to order parts, call in orders or have parts installed. Big things are just over the horizon and we have quite a few projects in the works! Our own Intake Manifold, Lightweight full pulley KITS, our GT30Rs ship today, and much much more. Email us if you would like more information on this. Wholesale accounts are still in the works, so if you need a supplier in the SE region, shoot us an email:
. Thank you and keep tuned!

6/17/2015 - We just received our $5000+ order of Perrin Performance products! Need a sway bar? Need a sway bar kit? Inlet hose? Endlinks? Fuel Rail Kits? The meanest exhaust system on the market? We have all of that and much more! Keep an eye open for Perrin products as we upload them. APS Products and Cobb products have gone up and are still going up for the WRX/STI, 350Z, SRT4, and more. Wholesale accounts are in the works, so if you need a supplier in the SE region, shoot us an email: . Thank you and keep tuned!

6/02/2015 - Categories are up for the STI and WRX and we are working out all of our pricing before adding products. We also uploaded our new Static X Motorsports Lightweight CrankPulley! Lightest unit available, balanced better, and more durable! This unit will be the best of the best for your Subaru! Check it out: Click Here!. Keep your eyes open for more products to be uploaded! Thank you!

5/30/2015 - We just arrived back in town from our business trip all last week and our new catalogue software is in and ready to rock. We are adding products/categories as fast as we can! This new system will help us serve you, the customer, much better. Better tracking system, better notification system, no more errors with orders, automated receipts, wholesale accounts for wholesale vendors, coupons/specials, etc. We spent a lot of money to make sure that this will work the best for YOU. Stay tuned as we add products to the catalogue and sort all the features out. New products on their way: Static X Motorsports Lightweight Crank Pulley (Cryotreated, weighs less than a pound, balanced to .001"). It will be a top notch item for the Subaru Impreza. Color will be a dark chrome and will be an amazing piece. It is better balanced, lighter, and more durable than any unit available. We will have around 100 units coming after we test our test unit and will have them available for wholesale and retail purposes. More details and pictures on this soon! Our GT30R kits should finally be finished and on their way. There will be 10 units on their way, but most are spoken for. If you are interested in one, please let us know immediately as they will go VERY fast. The next batch will be started as soon as these arrive and there will be no delays the next time around (as we have everything sorted out). We have our engineer team working on our Intake Manifold design and pictures of that will be available soon. It should be drawn up in solidworks for tampering and modifying to make it the ultimate piece for the Subaru community. These will be available for wholesale and retail as well, but more details will come on that as soon as we get more information on them this week. Thank you again for your patience as we go through this constructive process and we hope to serve you better as we grow and expand! Thank you!

5/18/2015 - RealityDesign, LLC is renovating our website. Most importantly, a new shopping cart software is being installed. The new software will have many new features and will be much more user friendly. We will be adding new products on a daily basis so stick with us! Also consider these efeitos colaterais if you are planning on using a supplement.

- Sorry for the lack of news updates! We are currently undergoing a MAJOR overhaul here at Static X Motorsports! We have heard about the issues with ordering through the website and the entire cart system and webserver is being transfered to another setup for a hassle-free solution. All orders will be able to be placed online and there will be no more errors. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you! Very exciting things to come for this summer: We are signing on direct with multiple companies including Seibon, Invidia, Thermotec, and TONS of others! All parts will be held in stock and there will be no more inventory issues of that kind! Items will be shipped faster and more items will be available! We also have our own products being released any day now! Static X Motorsports Lightweight Crank Pulley (Lighter then any unit out there, balanced to a thousandth of an inch, and will be cryotreated for durability - high quality and well balanced), Static X Motorsports GT30R Turbo kits will be available (Dyno results coming soon!!!). We also received our TIG welder machine from Miller, Pipe bender (able to do up to 4"!), lathe, metal bender/press, and tons of other machinery in order to custom fabricate any setup for our customers!! Have a custom job in mind? Want to try a different turbo than that is available out on the market? We will be able to custom fabricate anything you may need! Upcoming products: Static X Motorsports Downpipe, Static X Motorsports Catback (And full Turboback Exhaust), Static X Motorsports Hard Pipe inlet tube (no more silicone junk), Static X Motorsports Intake, and many more products to come! If you have questions about anything listed in our news section, please contact us at: . Thank you!

3/2/2015 - We are hoping everyone had a great winter and are ready for Spring! We have plenty of new parts coming online this spring break including wheels, evolution 8 parts, srt 4 parts, and many more. Our biggest update is our GT30R kit that is now available for the WRX and STI! These kits provide you with the ultimate street turbo solution. These GT30R kits are composed of REAL Full Ball Bearing Oil/Water Cooled GT30Rs direct from the Garrett facility, Custom Uppipe, Custom Downpipe, Tial 38mm External Wastegate (Defaulted to Recirculation), Custom Intake system with new MAF holder, along with all the lines, fittings and everything to bolt this kit on. We are expecting 380-400WHP+ when we go to dyno with spool up in the mid 3000RPM range!!! We are definitely excited and have most of the first batch already preordered! Would you like more information? Contact us: ! We would be more then happy to assist you with any questions you may have! Thank you! Plenty of news updates to come! Along with a Propane Injection Kit, MAF-LESS ECU Options, and many more! We will be uploading our Static X Mod of the Week threads to a section of the website as well! So keep in touch!!

Email: info-service @ staticxmotorsports.com
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