Baldness- Is There A Cure?

Baldness – the worst men’s nightmare

Usually, baldness or hair loss is a part of a natural process. This is inherited on either the father or on the mother side of the person suffering from baldness.

Some of the common diseases among elderly populations

In a common situation, hair loss is more common on the front side of the head and thinner on the sides. For several males, these balding parts will slowly come to a common area and will further advance hair loss which may result to complete baldness.


Baldness or hair loss is called as alopecia. The term alopecia totalis is a form of hair loss on the skin of the head. While alopecia universalis is hair loss affecting the whole body skin which includes the eyebrows and eyelashes.

If hair loss is manifested in groups, this is called alopecia areata. The causes of baldness or hair loss are mainly based on heredity, hormones or aging. There are very seldom cases of baldness resulting from some diseases. On several cases of severe and longing illnesses, such as thyroid diseases and iron-deficiency anemia, hair loss is not the only result. The remaining hair strands become thinner and dull. That is why this is perceived as a severe case of hair loss. Normally, an effective treatment on diseases which cause baldness will result to a normal hair growth.

Hair follicles damage

Some diseases which affect the skin, like lupus erythematosus or lichen planus, are known to damage hair follicles. Patches of permanent baldness may surface. Several ways to treat these, especially radiation therapy and chemotherapy which are used to treat cancer patients, result to hair thinning or hair loss. But normal hair growth returns after treatment. Many women suffer gradual hair loss. Sometimes, hair loss is prevalent only during after menopause. Normally, all women will experience thinning of hair as she ages especially after menopause. But on some cases, hair loss starts early even at puberty.

Also, other causes of hair loss and blood are due to poor blood circulation, operation, sudden weight loss, high fever, diabetes, chronic diseases, medicines such as birth control pills and anticoagulants, stress, poor diet and lack of vitamins.

What can be done?

To ensure a healthy hair condition, extra and effective care is much needed. Refrain from excessive combing, brushing or drying of hair. Over brushing, like 100 strokes every night, causes damage to hair roots. Moderate use of cosmetic hair styling products is not to cause severe damage to your hair. But having a very tight ponytail, frequent hair brushing, frequent hair straightening or curling, hair dyeing or bleaching will result to hair damage.

Washing Your Hair

When washing your hair, a single application of shampoo is needed. You may use a mild shampoo for a specific type of hair. It’s more effective to dilute first with water your shampoo and then applying it to your hair. Use lukewarm water, wet your hair thoroughly before applying your shampoo. Slowly massage your scalp and rinse your hair with clean water.

Drying Your Hair

Wrap your wet hair on a towel to slightly dry it. After removing the towel, comb it slowly with a wide spaced comb. The improper use of hair dryers may result to hair damage. The preheated rollers or curling irons should not be used often. The correct way of hair drying is letting your hair dry naturally.

Supplements For Hair Loss Prevention

Ideal blood circulation is the best way for beautiful and healthy hair. This is due to that hair follicles are attached to blood vessels. Many vitamins, herbs and other supplements help blood circulation. A plant called ginkgo biloba helps to correct blood circulation and enhances memory.

Biotin, choline and inositol are vitamins or vitamin-like substances which belong to the B-complex family. These are needed for healthy skin, hair, nerves, sex glands and bone marrow. These vitamins also help to prevent hair loss and early hair whitening. Vitamin E and C both are also responsible for good circulation. Bioflavonoids make stronger capillaries which give life to the skin beneath the hair. Lack of zinc affects the immune system and may cause hair loss.


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